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Hello and welcome to our Touchpoints blog! We are Nils and Julia, two members of the Enterprise Design Services team, and we are writing this blog to discuss recent topics in the fast-paced, changing, and more and more digital world. We interview experts in their field of specialty and want to understand what it takes for businesses to make it in today’s competitive world.

Q: Tell us what your role at KPMG in 2 sentences?

I am Tomi Nevasoja and I am leading the digital platforms group at KPMG Finland. At digital platforms we are specializing in business-technology transformation projects using KPMG’s Powered Enterprise methodology. 

Q: Powered Enterprise, that sure sounds exciting, but for someone who’s never heard of the term how would you explain Powered Enterprise in a nutshell?

Powered Enterprise is our approach for business-technology transformation projects especially in the context of moving to cloud/SaaS enterprise applications. It gives customers model answers, including business processes for the important questions during transformation projects and an accompanying implementation approach.

Q: How is Powered Enterprise different and how does it benefit the customers?

We can deliver projects much faster because we are enabling customers to adopt new ways of working as part of the transformation. Our key asset for delivering faster projects is our Target Operating Model (TOM). 

The target operating model consists of six layers needed for successful transformations: functional process, people, service delivery model, technology, performance insights & data and governance.

The target operating model gives a much wider picture than just technology, meaning true end-to-end processes including steps outside of the system, description of job roles, etc. which gives a good starting point to the project.

With our target operating model, we ensure that we are not missing any processes or parts of the process. The assets have been successfully applied for both small and big companies at any phase of the transformation journey.

Q: So, could you summarize the top 3 reasons why companies should invest in Powered Enterprise?

—   Powered Enterprise takes every aspect of transformation project into consideration, not only technology

—   The target operating model has model answers for customers - no need to start from zero

—   Business value will drive the project

Q: How do you apply Powered Enterprise in your personal life?

It is important to manage change and not to stick with old habits. To always enhance the ways of operating, listening more and being evergreen.

Getting to know Tomi:

Favorite book: Karlsson on the roof series by Astrid Lindgren

Person you admire: Parents & Bruce Springsteen

Favorite place on Earth: Home and the Finnish forest

Song you never get tired of: The River – Bruce Springsteen

Favorite free-time activity: Jogging and playing with kids  

Best advice you’ve received: Treat others as you would like others to treat you


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