KPMG’s accounting advisory team offers a structured approach to help your company ensure a seamless transition from the Estonian financial reporting standard to IFRS.

Our advisers have extensive knowledge of financial reporting and wide-ranging experience in supporting companies across industries on their way through the IFRS transition. They combine in-depth technical expertise with advisory skills to help companies manage the transition process with maximum efficiency.

For the majority of companies, transition to IFRS is a one-time change which they have never experienced in the past and probably will not in the future. Our clients can benefit from our unique experience as we have advised many companies undergoing the transition. We can provide all the support necessary, and anticipate potential challenges, in assisting companies to make the transition to the IFRS as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The adoption of IFRS brings a number of potential benefits including:

  • greater transparency makes the company more attractive for new investors and creditors;
  • the adoption of international accounting standards helps to build trust beyond the local market and contribute to international expansion;
  • improved financial expertise, opening up new prospects for international cooperation;
  • increase in the company’s reputation;
  • enhanced international comparability;
  • potential positive effect on the company’s net assets.