Deals today are no longer simple transactions. They demand answers to new questions. The latest regulations, evolving data protection laws and new cross-border trade agreements are just a few of the many issues that need to be considered. Then, there’s data. Not only is data growing exponentially, it needs to be analyzed more closely to ensure potential issues are uncovered. And, all of this needs to be done faster because deal speed is increasing as well.

That’s why Deal Advisory across KPMG’s global network of firms build teams of highly specialized professionals that cross multiple disciplines, geographies and sectors to look at the deal from all angles. Working together, we uncover insights and synergies, upside, stakeholder matters, integration issues and more. We look at the entire lifecycle of your deal, and even your business as a whole, to help ensure you’re always asking the right questions and turning to the right people for answers.

Deal Advisory professionals can provide actionable, practical advice designed to help you minimize risks, and unlock, drive and preserve value for your business.

Our capabilities

Deal Advisory practices across KPMG member firms offer you deep knowledge and experience across the deal lifecycle