Our IT advisers show organisations how to better align their IT capabilities with their strategic and operational objectives

Although digitalisation and IT are sometimes seen as a challenge, in reality they can create new business models and open up new opportunities. Effective and secure IT solutions are a key to organisational growth and success. 

Our IT advisers show organisations how to better align their IT capabilities with their strategic and operational objectives.

Addressing your needs

IT strategy and analysis

  • We work together with you to develop a clear IT strategy that fully supports your business objectives.
  • We help you assess business impact arising from information technology. 
  • We help prepare your IT project from defining your business needs and carrying out procurement to evaluation of investment results, and assist you in implementing the project. 

Cyber security (information protection and business resilience)

  • We help create a cyber security management system to protect your information assets and ensure their efficient operations, tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs. We help prepare or update your organisation’s cyber security documentation.
  • We help assess the reliability of your IT systems and measures of data security, and evaluate their risk exposures. We carry out IT risk analysis and help develop an action plan to eliminate potential risks. 
  • We perform penetration tests on your web applications and other IT solutions and analyse technical bottlenecks.
  • We help assess the impact disruptions may have on your organisation’s operations. 
  • We assist you in developing your organisation’s business resilience and disaster recovery plans.

IT audit (compliance and certification audits)

  • We help your organisation’s internal audit function on planning and performing IT specific internal audits. We help you prepare for external audits. 
  • We audit the application of international standards for information security (ISO 27001, ISKE, etc.).
  • During an ISKE (three-level IT baseline protection system) audit we assess the security measures for information systems used in state and local government databases and for related information assets. 
  • Our IT audit team is formed of experienced specialists including Certified Information System Auditors (CISA). Where necessary, we engage KPMG global network experts of the specific area.

IT management advisory

  • We provide an objective assessment of whether your organisation’s IT environment complies with regulatory and compliance requirements and internationally accepted standards.
  • We assist you in outsourcing IT services and ensure that your organisation maintains control over its operations.
  • We work out which technological equipment best meets your organisation’s objectives. On assessing possibilities to employ emerging technologies we always derive from the client's business needs.
  • We help identify the most efficient measures to cut unnecessary IT costs.