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KPMG Finland Group is delighted to announce eight new Partner appointments. Sami Hyytiäinen, Henry Maarala, Heli Tuuri and Markku Valli have been appointed to Audit Partners. Juho Lindvall and  Annukka Mannerkoski have been appointed to Tax & Legal Partners. Tomi Nevasoja and Tarmo Toiger (Estonia) have been appointed to Advisory Partners, with the new positions taking effect from 1 October 2021.

Sami Hyytiäinen

Sami Hyytiäinen, Audit

Sami is an SAP and ERP professional with more than 20 years of experience. Sami’s core competences include business processes and system solutions, as well as developing and applying data analytics in large cap audits. One of his key capabilities is identifying "the next thing” to revolutionize the audit process mining. He is also a keen developer of process mining tools and solutions. Sami joined KPMG in 2018 and has since been at the core of KPMG audit process mining models. 

Juho Lindvall

Juho Lindvall, Tax & Legal, Business Tax

For the past five years Juho has been responsible for Tax & Legal services focused on family and growth enterprises (SMEs) in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Juho advises his clients especially on ownership changes as well as restructurings. His further strengths include advising in distribution of assets, incentive schemes and investment and fund structures. Juho is also known to be an outstanding cross-functional bridge builder.

Henry Maarala

Henry Maarala, Audit

Henry has more than 15 years of experience as a well-recognized auditor. He is recognized for his specific competences in audits and as an audit leader within the enterprise Financial Services sector. He has received appreciation for his valuable advice and involvement with larger family owned businesses, private equity companies and foundations. Henry is committed to his clients and their pursuits and he is known for elevating his customer relationships.

Annukka Mannerkoski

Annukka Mannerkoski, Tax & Legal, Legal Services

Annukka is the Head of Government sector Tax & Legal services. She leads a team of Tax & Legal professionals located in seven KPMG offices. Her role in the growth of Tax & Legal Government sector business has been significant. Annukka is well-recognized in project and people management, and she is known for building and maintaining strong client relationships. Annukka also actively enhances cross-functional activities and she is recognized for innovative capabilities in creating new innovative services to the market. In addition, she is appreciated team lead and mentor. Annukka joined KPMG in 2011.

Tomi Nevasoja

Tomi Nevasoja, Advisory, Digital Platforms

Tomi is the Head of Digital Platforms and he leads a team of 30 professionals. Tomi specializes in process and technology transformation projects, which are based on the KPMG ‘Powered Enterprise’ concept and KPMG Finland’s digital platform capabilities building on Microsoft and Service Now technologies combined with Enterprise Architecture. Tomi also leads our software license consultancy business and software asset management consultancy.  Tomi joined the KPMG internal IT department in 2004 and moved to KPMG IT Advisory Services in 2011.

Tarmo Toiger

Tarmo Toiger, Technology Advisory, Estonia

Tarmo is Head of Technology Advisory in Estonia. In his current role he focuses on digitalization and technical cyber services. Tarmo has been a primus motor in growing Technology Advisory and Management Consulting from scratch to the market leader position in Estonia including services in cyber, IT audit, digitalization, and analytics. Tarmo has had major role in large digitalization projects with cross-functional teams. 

Heli Tuuri

Heli Tuuri, Audit

Heli is an audit leader with extensive experience from publicly listed and large private companies. She is also the Business Unit Leader for an audit department with more than 50 auditors. Heli is vastly experienced from auditing complex consolidated financial statements and IFRS reporting requirements. She has extensive understanding of reporting requirements for Audit Committees and Board of Directors. Heli joined KPMG in 1997.


Markku Valli

Markku Valli, Audit

Markku is a cross-functional business enabler acting in the Western Finland. Markku also specializes in the Financial Sector clients. Markku is a member of the Enterprise Client Steering Group and the Western Region Steering Group. Markku is very well-recognized by his clients for his strong sound boarding capabilities. Markku joined KPMG in 2008. 

Congratulations to our newly promoted partners!