Sandra Toots


KPMG Baltics OÜ

Sandra mainly specializes to corporate and contract law, advising clients on corporate law matters and in aspects related to establishment of companies, the conclusion of agreements between shareholders merges, divisions, acquisitions and restructuring. Sandra has successfully led several local and cross-border merger processes and represented clients in various transactions related to the acquisition or disposition of shares, advising the client throughout the entire process, from negotiations and conducting legal due diligence to the preparation of documents related to the acquisition or disposition of a shares (including purchase and sale documents and agreements between the shareholders) and carrying out post-closing activities. Sandra also has extensive experience in advising clients on involvement of various investments. Sandra has worked with several start-ups, assisting them both in starting their business operations and later in involving investors and capital raising. In addition to above, Sandra supports clients in their day-to-day business operations through corporate governance and compliance and liability advise. Sandra also assists clients in drafting various contracts and in resolving different contractual issues. Sandra’s strength is her thoroughness and ability to focus on details and to various possible scenarios, which, in the form of comprehensive and well-thought-out contracts, ensures extensive protection of the client’s rights. Sandra has extensive expertise from the drafting the most common employment, sales, authorization and service agreements to the development of various complex option programs and cooperation agreements. Sandra also has extensive experience and knowledge in labour law, advising clients on all issues related to labour law, from the drafting and termination of employment contracts or service agreements to the resolution and preparation of documents related to any work environment and employees’ privacy and personal data protection issues. Sandra is highly valued by her clients for her thoroughness, dedication and professionalism, which helps to find to every problem a solution that is in a client’s best interest. Read more: