Karin Oras

Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Legal Services

Advokaadibüroo KPMG Law

Karin is a highly accomplished Managing Partner at KPMG Law Estonia, where she also serves as the Head of Legal Services for KPMG in Estonia. With extensive expertise in mergers and acquisitions, company law, employment law, data protection, intellectual property, and IT law, Karin has established herself as a leader in her fields. She specialises in managing large, multi-disciplinary projects, working closely with KPMG’s tax specialists, advisors, and auditors to ensure the best outcomes for her clients. Karin is well-respected in the Nordic and Baltic region, where she has built strong cooperative relationships in her areas of expertise. Karin has actively established contacts across the KPMG legal services network, further strengthening her network and expanding her knowledge base. With a client-centric mindset and exceptional communication skills, Karin is highly appreciated by her clients. She excels in finding innovative solutions to complex business problems and is especially skilled in building cross-specialists teams of legal, tax, consultation, and audit specialists. In recent years, Karin has focused on building KPMG’s teams of experts in the energy sector and start-ups, working towards identifying best talent and inviting them to join KPMG.