To coincide with Monday being International Volunteers Day, KPMG in the Crown Dependencies is encouraging its people to use their unique skills and talents in making a positive difference to the local community.

Taking place every year, the United Nations has designated 5th December as International Volunteers Day, which celebrates the theme of solidarity through volunteering and highlights our collective power to drive positive change wherever we live.

KPMG in the Crown Dependencies thus wishes to provide the highest and best use of its people on community engagement initiatives, using their extensive skills and providing further development opportunities that will be of mutual benefit.

KPMG’s people and their skillset can have a considerable impact on our islands and their communities. Therefore the firm is encouraging staff to find a local charitable organisation they are interested in lending their skills toward.

The firm’s relaunched volunteering policy will provide staff with the flexibility they need to make a positive difference to their organisation of choice. For example KPMG offers full-timers up to five days volunteering allowance a year for certain activities, including giving blood and chaperoning school field trips.

While individual volunteering is supported, KPMG also encourages its staff to volunteer together and find how they can make a positive difference through working as a team – making use of their collective abilities to greater contribute to their chosen cause.

Simon Nicholas, Head of the firm’s IMPACT plan, says, “At KPMG we hire the best of the best and continually invest in them to be the best in their field.

“As a prominent member of our islands’ communities, beach and park cleans and similar types of activities will continue to be an important part of our program and contribution, but we know that the third sector can also use the skillsets of our people to further their strategies and make a difference.”