The relationship between private wealth, philanthropy and society is as complex and personal as it is rewarding. The way individuals are approaching philanthropy has evolved in recent years, with philanthropists taking the very best of the corporate world and adding discipline to social causes. For many, the act of only giving money to deserving causes, while still at the heart of the philanthropic endeavor, is no longer enough.

With this in mind, KPMG’s Family Office & Private Client team has conducted in-depth interviews with philanthropists across the globe to uncover how they support various causes, the approaches they adopt, as well as the successes and lessons they have learned along their journey.

The Future of Philanthropy provides insight into emerging trends in philanthropy, including what drives philanthropists of today, the strategies and structures behind their philanthropic activity, the impact on both those that benefit from such activity and on those who give, how philanthropists collaborate, and the role philanthropy plays in bringing families closer together.

Start your discovery by exploring some emerging trends arising from our discussions with philanthropists across the globe, specifically how philanthropic activity is structured, the importance of measuring impact and how families work together, often over many generations, to achieve impactful philanthropy.

Philanthropists in Action

Hear from disruptive philanthropists as they share their stories looking at some of the emerging trends in the philanthropy landscape, as the ESG agenda and creating social impact climb the priority list of Family Offices and ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) around the world.

In a report discussing research findings and providing further insights from philanthropists globally, KPMG’s Family Office & Private Client team shares leading practices in philanthropy and how ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) and family offices are giving back.

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Disruptive Philanthropists: How a new wave of modern philanthropists
are shaping tomorrow.