Business is changing, and the fourth industrial revolution is underway. Data has become the lifeblood of the organisation as Boards seek to harness the potential of our digital economy, create new customer experiences, transform their services, and drive efficiencies and cost savings. The future is being created from a fusion of new business models, new technologies and new partnerships.

In this changing world, there are ruthless entrepreneurs who are benefiting financially from this new economy. Unfortunately, they are cybercriminals, and pose new challenges to legitimate businesses. Companies need to think differently about how to protect their competitive advantage and develop new models to become and remain cyber secure.

Also, cyber security professionals need to demonstrate that they can protect the core of the transformed business with the agility of thought and action that recognises the pace and speed at which cybercriminals operate.

They need to assemble collaborative talent — across the enterprise — that can take a proactive stance and meet these issues head-on. The CISO can't do it all. New partnerships are needed, technology is an opportunity, not a threat, and cyber security is becoming a key business enabler.

In our All hands on deck: Key cyber security considerations for 2020 report, we identify six emerging cyber security trends that will help shape the way we approach security and explore what companies can do today to address these cyber security concerns.

Six key cyber security consideration to help shape the way we approach security in 2020 and beyond


All hands on deck: Key cyber considerations for 2020

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