Our Governance pillar has focused on putting ESG principles at the heart of the way things are done at KPMG. From leadership decisions to the wider personal and professional behaviour of our people – the rollout of IMPACT has served to drive a reflective and responsible corporate culture, to do the right thing the right way, within KPMG’s teams and our wider communities. This has ensured consistency and accountability in promoting sustainable economic growth and prosperity. 

Our governance achievements so far include:

  • Appointed a Head of IMPACT, responsible for the delivery of our plan
  • Centrally managed and co-ordinated project of impact related activities across planet, people and prosperity and governance.
  • Creation of employee-led pillar groups tasked with driving forward the impact related activities for planet, people and prosperity
  • Establish a governance framework to achieve accountability and consistency on our commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion including appointment of a Partner as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion lead.
  • Creation of a stakeholder council, including employees, to engage stakeholders in shaping our Impact priorities.

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