In the arena of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), every little bit counts towards building a sustainable route forward; each action we take aims to forge a better future for the world's inhabitants. In 2020, KPMG set our IMPACT plan addressing and embedding ESG in our business, both globally and on the islands in which we operate, built on four pillars - Planet, People, Prosperity and Governance. Our IMPACT plan, which includes our commitment to become a net zero carbon organisation by 2030, is designed to deliver purpose and empower change in the steps we take.

As a responsible business aiming to grow sustainably, and one of the largest employers in the islands of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, we set an example of responsible and progressive people alongside community and environmental policies and practices. Through our local IMPACT plans, we’ve developed a diverse range of plans and activities across the four pillars shown below, to define the type of sustainable business we want to be going forward.

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Our commitments

Learn more about the commitments we’ve made as part of our local IMPACT plans:


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Our initiatives and insights

We share some examples of how we continue to meet our IMPACT commitments throughout the year, along with our most recent insights and articles. 

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