KPMG's start-up team is always ready for an informal meeting with serious start-ups to assist achieving your growth ambitions and getting off to a good start. 

Advice on the right corporate structure, tax-related considerations, soft funding, and possible use of the Danish Tax credit scheme (ll8x, see below)
KPMG's start-up team was initiated by Morten Høgh-Petersen, who dedicated the past 8 years towards building a complete service comprising all stages a company goes through, from the early start when the right corporate structure should be selected all the way to a successful exit. Our focus is scalable start-ups, primarily within technology, but we have no limits concerning sectors. The start-up team appears regularly on approx. 10 start-up HUBs in the Copenhagen area and teaches entrepreneurs corporate and tax-related matters as part of our services. Today, we serve several hundred start-ups (primarily within tech) and have very attractive prices, as we are pleased to invest in a relation to you.

To book a free and informal meeting with our start-up team, please send an e-mail to, and describe your company or idea.

The Danish Tax Credit scheme (ll8x)
In Denmark, we have a special tax regulation for smaller companies that make a loss, related to development costs, enabling you to get tax refunds of the taxable value of your R&D-related costs. For many start-ups, development costs comprise a significant part of their expenses during the first years. Unfortunately, we see that many start-ups are not correctly advised on the application of the Danish rules under ll8x, e.g., the choice of financial year (which is a decision to be taken very early on) has a liquidity effect on how you get refunded through the rules.

We are very experienced in the application of the ll8x rules, as well as which financial and tax considerations you should make, and further, we have a passion for sharing our experience and specialization with as many Danish start-ups as possible.

To book a meeting or in case of any questions concerning financial and tax-related issues, please contact:

Morten Høgh-Petersen i Easter Denmark (Sjælland):   

Niklas Filipsen i Western Denmark (Jylland, Fyn):