Software Asset Management (SAM) enables clients to better control their software assets from a usage, financial and contractual perspective.

The complex and diverse software licence metrics and rules from multiple vendors create a need for effective IT and licence management across the entire organisation.

Most organisations focus on cost-effective solutions across all areas. Software Asset Management (SAM) is well documented and an effective way to mitigate risks, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of day-to-day business.

Effective and well-implemented SAM processes provide significant financial and operational value to an organisation as well as mitigating risks in many IT areas. An advantage of SAM is the ability to suit the needs and requirements for each individual organisation – small and large.

Our experts and specialist are supporting and assisting our clients with a broad range of SAM-related issues, e.g.:

  • Assessing and stating the current deployment for specific products, solutions or the entire organisation
  • Optimisation of current deployment to save future licence cost
  • Evaluating and assessing current SAM processes and maturity - based on internationally recognised standards
  • Designing new or modifying existing SAM processes
  • Implementing SAM processes
  • Assessing IT risks, designing and implementing of proactive mitigating processes