We know how to turn data into insights into value. We have extensive experience analysing tax, audit and business data to help organisations drive competitive advantage.

We combine deep business experience with cutting-edge capabilities and proven solutions to help our clients make better and faster decisions in all areas of their business.

Our team of professionals live at the intersection of the math world, the technology world and the business world, and KPMG understands how Data & Analytics can generate improved value for your organisation through our audit, tax and advisory services.

Our solutions are an integral part of how we deliver engagements from audit to advisory to tax. We have extensive experience in advanced analytics and have the most innovative solutions available to deliver valuable insights into a structured and efficient approach.

Our structured approach allows us to extract data from any source system, and with extensive experience in most common ERP such as SAP, Dynamics AX/NAV, Movex, etc. we can transform your data into valuable insights.

Our services
Our range of services are not limited to any specific area or solution as such. Our services consist of structured approaches based on known ERP systems or other data sources and the combination of our diverse skills and innovative solutions.