Support the company in setting up the appropriate processes and risk management procedures in order to prevent any unethical or illegal behaviour within the company.

Fraud risk management
It takes an effort to guard the company against any risks and frauds, and it all begins with a strong fraud risk management. In this preventing phase the FRM team helps companies to make an in depth analysis of their current fraud risk procedures and advise the company on improving their procedures in order to secure the company’s compliance.

We can help your organisation by:

  • Taking the pulse on the ethical climate within the company
  • Setting up a whistleblower hotline
  • Assessing current risk procedures
  • Setting up procedures on how to respond to a fraud incident

Corporate Intelligence
The Corporate Intelligence team seek to inform clients as to the risk, reputations and integrity of both prospective and current business partners and employees by supplying them with timely and accurate intelligence.

We can help your organisation by:

  • Understanding the backgrounds of important hires and appointments
  • Assessing prospective and existing business partners and other counterparties
  • Understanding who is behind sources of capital - Determining the representations and reputations of suppliers, joint ventures, partners and licensees
  • Reviewing new and existing customers

Anti-money laundering
Whether assisting a financial institution proactively seeking to improve its program, or reactively responding to a regulatory order, KPMG provides assistance to address many areas of AML program improvement sought by the financial community in today’s marketplace. We can help your organization by:

  • Assessing current AML procedures
  • Advice on correct handling of AML issues
  • Responding to regulatory orders