Assist the company in detecting possible incidents of unethical or illegal behaviour through internal and external investigations.

Forensic Technology
In a corporate world based more and more on technology, it is important to ensure the correct framework for the use of technology and to have the right tools to prevent any abuse of the company’s technology.

We can help your organisation by:

  • Extracting data in case of a breach of policies
  • Optimising the efficiency and compliance in managing records and information
  • Setting up processes in order to respond to regulatory requirements for Electronically stored Information
  • Providing Electronic Data Discovery

Investigation Services
The investigations team can assist by providing investigations into possible fraud allegations, corporate irregularities and whistle-blower allegations. We have in-depth experience in conducting investigations across different sectors in different jurisdictions, enabling us to quickly identify the objectives of an investigation and how these should be addressed.

We can help your organisation by:

  • Investigating a specific incident
  • Examining relevant material
  • Evaluating implications
  • Identifying appropriate actions