Our financial and regulatory risk professionals have the technical and industry expertise, as well as the outstanding relationships and understanding of regulators, to help our clients meet their many risk and compliance obligations.

We help banks, data centrals, investment funds and corporates to get their important decisions right, do what they do better and achieve their commercial goals.

In Financial Risk Management, we help you understand, measure, and mitigate risks and opportunities. Our core services are:

Compliance/regulatory requirements
One of the largest challenges in the financial sector is the implementation of all the regulatory requirements. Our specialists have the insight in analysis, design and implementation of regulatory requirements.

We perform services like:

  • Implementation of regulatory requirements as capital requirements, EMIR, MiFID II, liquidity risk, regulatory reporting, etc.
  • Enhance and improve data quality
  • Implementation of regulatory reporting
  • Streamline and improve insights for internal governance

Financial modelling and valuation
The demands for financial models will continue to increase because of the enhanced complexity in new regulation. Our specialists have insight in developing, maintaining and implementing financial models.

We perform services like:

  • Development of market and counterparty risk, credit and liquidity risk models
  • Reviews of different types of risk models
  • Perform quantitative impact studies and evaluation of all kind of financial instruments
  • Ad hoc modelling

System selection & implementation
We advise financial institutions in selecting and implementation of treasury and risk management systems. Our specialists have the technical as well as the business qualifications to assist you in the selection and implementation process.  

We perform services like:

  • Assist in the selection process (e.g. business requirement analyses, perform a business case, system selection, negotiation)
  • Assist in the implementation process (e.g. data conversion, integrations, process and procedures, test, reporting, project management)
  • System optimisation

In these ways, we can help our clients use risk and regulation as a platform for growth; to reassure internal and external stakeholders, regulators and the wider capital markets that their approach works both now and in the future; and ultimately to turn it to their advantage.