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NewTech wants to inspire and develop students who are interested in technology. We have therefore created TechAcademy, where you can expand your capabilities and develop a set of technological skills, where tech and creativity are central.

Tech Academy is a programme that provides a playground for students who are passionate about new technologies and want to solve real-life problems using feasible tech solutions. Scroll down to see the video below. 

Advisory graduate programme 2022 - NewTech

Are you excited about new technology and how to apply it to create benefits for both companies and society? NewTech sails the blue ocean, building cutting-edge technical solutions within AI, ML, Conversational AI, Quantum and Future Experience Design.

We are looking for new graduates in NewTech.
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Graduate programme

Want to become a graduate? 

The graduate programme provides you with learning objectives and consists of a combination of structured, in-house training and client-facing engagements to nurture your development.
The KPMG Graduate Programme is a 1-year programme that gives you the skills and expertise needed to thrive in a challenging and global environment.

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Tech Academy

Watch the video to hear Emma's experience with Tech Academy - there is room for everyone, also you!


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