We are experts in transformation projects and programmes, and based on well-proven methods, both agile and hybrid, we ensure a well-matched definition and management of the projects from start to finish.

Transformations are not like traditional projects with a well-defined scope and clear deliveries but are instead characterised by a learning process. This creates a need for organisation that can ensure accumulation of knowledge and ongoing development of both management and employees. Consequently, we integrate organisational change management as a core skill together with both technical and project-related management. 

We can help you with all phases in a project/programme:

  • Setting up the basis for the project/programme (business case, organisation, mobilisation of project resources, etc.)
  • Implementation of the project/programme (progress reports, communication, change management, stakeholder management, risk management, profit taking, etc.)
  • Completion of the project/programme (handover and embeddedness in the permanent organisation, etc.).

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