What is an HR health check?

An HR health check is a rapid yet enlightening assessment of your HR function’s health. We provide you with an evaluation of HR’s capability to support your business’ need and act as proactive HR Department.

It also includes a mapping of your HR strategy and KPI’s, your HR processes and supportive tools such as your HR system.

Together we collect data, we interview selected stakeholders, we consolidate and give you best practice-recommendations based on our leading practices and solid benchmarks. 

The health check takes us one week to perform, and below you can see an estimated overview of what the timeline could look like. If this sounds interesting to you, then click the button below to get in contact with us and book a health check.

When is it the right time for an HR health check?

  • You are new HR leader and want and outside evaluation of your HR the current state of your HR department.
  • You need a better foundation to create the next HR strategy or budget negotiation
  • You have a gut feeling, but you look for fact-based evidence to support

Overview of the process

Before we start

You fill in our survey and gather some key documents (Business and HR strategy, Org. chart, main policies, SOP and KPIs)

Day 1 + 2: The voice of the team
Qualitative interviews with
- HR Director
- HR representatives

Day 3: Organisation facts and figures
Assessment of documented material
- HR strategy & KPI’s
- SOP’s & documented processes
- Org. chart & other relevant information

Day 4: Detailed analysis
Consolidation of collected input
- Assessment based on interviews and documents.
- An assessment of the current environment and ambition for the future, including recommended actions.

Day 5: Evaluation and recommendations
Presentations of findings
- Final report and input provided into future HR planning.

Based on documented insights and information, we will assess your HR function's core deliverables using our perspective to best practice.

By doing this we will provide you with an expert assessment of your HR funtion's health within the areas of HR Strategy & KPI, HR Processes, HR technology and Administration in HR. We will also provide you with advice on which areas to priotize for future improvement.

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