We can help your organisation create an overview of your existing IT solutions and their interdependencies. By ensuring an understanding of both IT and business goals as a whole, we can establish a common starting point for setting of priorities, focusing and action, including investment scope and risk profile.

This is done through a clear identification of your maturity as well as your starting point in relation to system and organisation. Subsequently, we would typically define a target picture, the architecture and a plan for to-be. Our consultants contribute with their specific knowledge and experience, and in close cooperation with you, criteria for both motivation and success are qualified in unison with technology and business leads (which today is often the same person). The overall target picture and roadmap contain handling of quick wins as well as identification of potential, which may lead to e.g. investment scope or project planning or programmisation of transformation activities. 

With our help you can achieve the following goals:

  • Interlock between the business and IT
  • Platform for decisions on setting of priorities and focusing in relation to action
  • Specific plan of action and investment scope
  • Quantification of challenges and their implications
  • Visualisation and communication of present state
  • Qualification of motivation and success criteria for change
  • Setting of priorities for action areas
  • Delivery of quick wins and ongoing profit taking.

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