Creating and setting up a successful joint venture or business alliance involves specialised skills. Employing a global mind-set, our Deal Advisory specialists support you through the life cycle of a joint venture or alliance, giving you our global best in quality and reliable service from creation to exit.

Creating and setting up a new joint venture or business combination requires specialised skills. We can support you from pre-deal strategy through to implementation and governance as you:

  • Develop an effective strategy and business plan
  • Identify the market opportunity and potential partners
  • Appraise the options and design the partnership
  • Execute the deal and plan the implementation
  • Power up your joint venture or business combination

In some situations, the best option may be to exit the joint venture. Using a non-traditional, tailored approach to meet your needs, our globally experienced joint venture practitioners can help to preserve maximum value at this critical point of the life cycle.

Whether you are evaluating the risks and rewards of a potential opportunity, identifying potential issues or executing the deal, we give you confidence from creation to exit.