To achieve strategic and operational objectives, business owners need to respond to changing market conditions and identify opportunities as well as risks – of which carrying out M&A can be an integral part. We offer assistance for all aspects of the M&A process supported and strengthened by our sector-driven, international network.

Providing advice on M&A transactions typically raise complex financial, regulatory and operational issues. Quite often, price remains one of the critical factors for buyers and sellers, but a wide range of other matters must be managed too in order to effectively complete the deal. 

We provide process management, coordination with all relevant stakeholders and support for financial, strategic and operational processes during the transaction process, helping ensure minimal impact on the daily business activities of the company. 

Our services include:

  • Identifying businesses to be acquired or assets to be sold and finding the buyers or sellers
  • Providing advice on transaction terms and pricing and on structuring of the transaction
  • Arranging financing and advising on specific accounting, tax and structuring issues
The advice we offer is clear, objective and practical and we never take any debt or equity positions in any deal on which we advise – this underpins our objectivity and impartiality.