The Danish Cyber Security Council advises the government on cyber and information security, and KPMG’s Head of Cyber, Christian Wernberg-Tougaard, has just been reappointed as a member of the council. By the end of 2021, the Cyber ​​Security Council ended its first period running from 2020-2021. The council therefore had to appoint new members, and in 2022-2023 the Cyber ​​Security Council will once again welcome Christian Wernberg-Tougaard, who also served in the previous period.

"It is a great honour that I have been reappointed as a member of the Danish Cyber ​​Security Council, which advises the government on actions and strategies that can make Denmark a more safe place to be," says Christian Wernberg-Tougaard and continues:

” As one of the world’s most digitalised countries, we are daily threatened, and the cybercriminals has four specific assets which makes them dangerous:

1.  They have cheap access to advanced technology

2. They have lots of time

3. They are often not even close to following the law

4. And they have scalability – if what they are doing is profitable then more and more people join them.

Just look at Vestas as one of the recent examples in Denmark.”

Christian Wernberg-Tougaard has been the Head of KPMG's cyber security unit since 2020, and in just a short time, there has been a rapid development in the type of cyber threats and the frequency of them, which both private companies and the public sector must deal with proactively. Christian Wernberg-Tougaard therefore has some clear priorities for what his work in the Cyber ​​Security Council should contribute to: 

One of the things that comes to my mind is to create a complete overview of, "who does what, when, why and how", when we are hit by a national cyber crisis. I am pleased that the national strategy speaks of a national emergency response effort, but we must go beyond that - we must include regions and municipalities in the equation. We must go all the way and make sure that the authorities have the right competencies, the right tools, the right structures and that they basically understand and can navigate the cyber landscape of today and the future.

Christian Wernberg-Tougaard
Head of Cyber
KPMG Denmark

KPMG advises on cybersecurity for the benefit of the society

Christian Wernberg-Tougaard’s seat in the Cybersecurity Council fits well with his and KPMG's ambition to help strengthen the level of cyber security in Denmark. KPMG is actively involved in the public debate and plays an active role in the global cyber security month in October every year, where KPMG teaches primary school students how to behave safely online. This year, KPMG was visited by a class of 7th graders who had to put themselves in the hackers' place and design a "perfect" cyber attack.

In 2022, KPMG will also host a seminar in Aarhus, which will focus on how companies can secure their production from cyber attacks.