In a new report, the international market research firm ALM Intelligence has recognised KPMG as one of the leading professional services firms in the world within Sourcing Strategy.

"Since 2011, KPMG has had a strategic focus on developing and delivering services within the field of Sourcing. This ranking is therefore a great recognition and endorsement of our work and demonstrates to our clients that we can create value for them," says Partner in KPMG Denmark Mads Fink-Jensen.

Strategic procurement, which is the term used in Danish, covers how companies manage and plan their supply chains so that they can leverage their purchasing power and maximise cost savings in relation to procurement of goods and services.

"Companies are often struggling with finding and choosing the right supplier, deciding which activities should be performed in-house and which should be outsourced and how to link their supply chain to the sourcing strategy. We help our clients to find the optimal sourcing strategy, including how to manage their supply-chain risk management," says Mads Fink-Jensen.

A solid sourcing strategy has proven to be particularly relevant following the outbreak of COVID-19, explains Mads Fink-Jensen.

The COVID-19 situation has highlighted the importance of a good sourcing and risk strategy for companies during periods of downturn. Companies that have already implemented a solid sourcing and risk strategy before the COVID-19 outbreak have proven to perform significantly better than companies that have not devised a strategy."