With the help of HuRa, you can now easily and quickly get started with the Holidays Act 2020 without imposing additional workload on your HR department. HuRa is a so-called chatbot built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it can easily be implemented on your intranet, in Skype or in a separate URL.

HuRa frees up time for the HR department to focus on its core activities and provides instant responses to employee queries relating to the current and new Danish Holiday Act - and the number of labour laws is growing year by year. HuRa will also be available to employees at all hours of the day. HuRa will be launched externally on 7 January, but you can get started with setting up the chatbot already now. All you have to do is to send us an email, and we will contact you regarding the setup of the chatbot.

HuRa has been developed in collaboration between Gorissen Federspiel and KPMG, and all answers to labour law-related issues have been verified by Gorissen Federspiel's lawyers.

Contact Kristina Viderø for more information.

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