Mobility and People Services

Mobility and People Services

KPMG International's Global Mobility Services network offers an extensive range of advisory, compliance and administrative services to employers and employees to explore opportunities and avoid pitfalls, control and predict employee costs and meet their compliance obligations, both locally and internationally. KPMG's Global Mobility Services network has over 2,500 professionals in more than 130 countries.


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How can our Mobility and People Services Team assist you?

For many organisations, the pressure to compete effectively has led to an increase in the size and complexity of their global workforce and cross-border projects placing greater demands on the management, human resource and project teams. Managing legal set-up, compensation, tax compliance and global mobility is becoming more costly, complex and time-consuming. KPMG's Global Mobility Services practice provides advisory, compliance and administrative services along with outstanding technology to help you manage an international workforce. Our services include:

  • Danish and international tax advisory services: "sparring partner" in relation to assignments, cross-border projects and/or establishments in Denmark or abroad.      
  • Mobility Consulting Services (MCS):  a broad array of strategic (advisory) and administrative (outsourcing) services to help improve business processes: e.g. policy review, design and development, international assignment process improvement and re-engineering.
  • Employment tax services: identification of payroll and employment tax issues early and assistance with resolving them before they escalate into significant tax problems.
  • Global immigration: assistance with necessary visas, work and residence permits, determination of applicable visa categories and advisory services on immigration topics and processes.
  • International social security advisory services: social security contributions can sometimes be higher than the income tax associated with employees. It is important to understand the rules and how they impact the cost of international assignments so that you can control the organisational costs.
  • Global equity tax advisory services: increasing employee mobility, combined with the clear trend toward long-term incentive programmes, creates challenges for companies. Together with our cutting-edge technology, KPMG can help take the complexity out of this important process.
  • Due diligence advisory services: a variety of services ranging from the assistance with evaluating permanent establishment issues to assistance with the evaluation of potential unrecorded liabilities associated with globally mobile employees.

How can you benefit?

Our team has vast experience combined with unique practical understanding of business challenges and opportunities. We know the importance of a 360 degree-approach to make sure that the final approach is not only fitted to the concrete assignment/project, but also to make sure that the implementation of the solution does not have a negative effect on another part of your business. In choosing us, you can experience and benefit from the personality and agility of a small firm and the skills and the global mindset of a big one. 

Why choose us?

Because we believe in challenging the status quo by cutting through complexity and turning knowledge into value – We are the difference that makes the difference! Our team consists of some of the best professionals sharing the same passion for solving tax matters. 

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