Imagine a world where travelers move seamlessly from place to place. Where they plan their journey and indicate their travel preferences on an app, computer or kiosk, and are presented with multiple travel choices, according to their preferences, which fully integrate public and private transport modes.

This new paradigm is known as Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Like other aspects of the digital revolution, it uses the latest technology to empower consumers in making their own choices, across bus, bike, train, taxi or autonomous driving cars. At its most developed, every public and private transport option is presented in a single app, in which both payment and booking are handled while providing the users with dynamic route-planning information at the same time.

KPMG has created an innovative MaaS Requirements Index that is designed to help transport authorities gain a deeper understanding of their current platforms and where risk and opportunities lie. This paper focusses on helping transport and local authorities to determine:

  • Their position on the MaaS Requirements Index
  • Ways to reimagine the regulation requirements and the modal blend needed to balance optimal user experience with the authority's and operators' objectives.
  • The future MaaS strategy.

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