Webinar: The role of Technology in ESG: Exploring the opportunities of IA, AI, RPA and Machine Learning

The webinar presents the systematic and strategic benefits that can be achieved through technology in relation to ESG.

The webinar presents the systematic and strategic benefits of technology and ESG

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The new legislative ESG agenda means that organizations have a higher demand to efficiently gather, and strategically use their data to achieve their key sustainability targets and risk mitigations. Here technology provides an interesting perspective in mapping and outlining ones data through a data driven opportunity assessment, that allows your to act on your targets.

Michael Birkebæk Jensen (partner in Technology and Sustainability) will present how KPMG uses new technology within IA, AI, RPA and ML to meet the increasing ESG demands for our clients, and at the same time showcase how your organization might be able to benefit from reassessing your data work.

Furthermore, many have heard of the concept of the Metaverse, but what exactly is it and how can companies benefit from it? Corey Morris from SynergyXR will in a presentation take you on an exciting journey where we dive into the Internet of the future and unfold what it consists of, what it can do and also what it cannot.  You'll gain insight into who the big players are, which technologies belong to, and how companies like yours are already using the Metaverse to reduce travel, stay in touch with employees, and more.


After the session you should understand:

  • The possibilities created by technology
  • The risks and advantages that an IA solution can offer your organization 
  • How a solution for your organization might look like
  • The steps taken in an automation process
  • The internet of the future - what it consists of, what it can do and also what it cannot do.


The course is thus aimed at management that currently (or in the future) will be tasked with the manual gathering of ESG data across an organisation.


FYA: This webinar will be conducted in Danish.

Practical information

Dato og tid: Wednesday d. 16. November at 16.00-17.30

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About our speakers

Michael Birkebæk Jensen has 14 years of experience as a consultant and is a partner in ESG & NewTech at KPMG Denmark, where he is passionate about combining cutting-edge technologies with ESG / sustainability, business and entrepreneurship. At KPMG, he leads an elite team of individuals delivering projects within ESG. In continuation of this, Michael has focused on how the use of technology will be central to driving the sustainability agenda forward. Outside of his work at KPMG, Michael co-founded the NGO Next Generation Democracy. They explore how new technologies can help improve democracy, including the opportunities and challenges that technology creates for our societies.


Corey Morris is the CMO at SynergyXR and one of the nation's most experienced experts in the next evolution of the Internet — what we call the Metaverse. He has more than 15 years of experience in creating growth at Danish and international tech companies, including Airbnb, Gaest.com, and Aarhus University. 

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