Webinar: You’ve decided ESG is important, but where do you start? Working with ESG 101

This webinar focuses on how companies can advance their development within ESG.

This webinar focuses on how companies can advance their development within ESG.

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ESG and sustainability has increasingly become the focus areas of society, governments, and interest organizations. However, increasing legalization and an increasing crisis within environmentalism has led more and more organizations to address ESG concerns with greater speed and consciousness.

At this webinar we present an expert within the area, Esben Juul Hansen, who can help you further your development within ESG.

The webinar is structured to give you insights into the fundamental principles of ESG (environment, social, governance) and its legislation, including the EU taxonomy. The focus will be on the typical issues different types of companies must consider in relation to ESG, including how to approach this developing area in relation to customers, the market and your employees.


At this webinar you will learn about:

•        The key concerns within each area of Environmental, social and government

•        Understand how you need to address new legislation

•        Where to best start your sustainable process.


The webinar is aimed at everyone seeking to increase their understanding of basic ESG principles and gain a deeper understanding of where to initiate your own sustainability strategy. The entire ESG series is aimed at stakeholders within the sustainability agenda who wants to further their knowledge on how to work with ESG within business’. Check out the other four events at the front page to see how you can expand your knowledge.


FYA. This Webinar will only be in Danish

Practical information

Dato og tid: Wednesday d. 26. October at 16.00-17.30

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About our speakers

Esben Juul Hansen is a director and lead in our newly established ESG impact Hub at KPMG Denmark. He has almost 10 years of experience from being an advisor and have in many years had a concentrated focus on sustainability. Esben has a holistic approach to ESG, which requires a big knowledge on the sustainability agenda across different industries, disciplines, and countries. As a Hub lead Esben is also involved in developing KPMG’s own ESG-strategy and reporting. Esben also has a large focus on creating a clear coherence between what we do at KPMG, and what we are working on with our clients. Esben is also a member of the FSR committee on sustainability and participating as an active voice in the sustainability debate.

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