Webinar: Does your ESG-strategy create value for the investors?

This webinar focuses on how ESG strategies appear relevant to the financial markets and add value for investors.

The webinar focuses on how ESG strategies are relevant to investors and markets.

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Firm’s ESG-strategy has become an important part of the investment process when asset managers and analysts must assess a business. Meanwhile, firms are subject to new laws in relation to their reporting agenda. At this webinar the focus will be on the considerations that firms should take to ensure that their strategy is relevant for the financial markets and at the same time creates value for the investors.

The focus will also be on how firms can prepare themselves for the next part of the EU-taxonomy. Are you a CFO or working with investor relations in a listed company then you have probably already been questioned on the EU-taxonomy by investors and analysts. During the next 6-12 months the interest in the EU-taxonomy will only grow due to increased legislation which is why more asset managers and investment companies will demand to get access to this type of information. The taxonomy can therefore influence firms’ access to capital, since more investors will use the taxonomy as a tool to identify green investment possibilities and as a guideline to help them steer away from greenwashing.


At this webinar you will learn:

  • What analysts and investors focus on when they analyze firms’ ESG-strategies.
  • What firms should consider to ensure that their ESG-strategy becomes relevant and creates value for investors and analysts.
  • What the next phase of the EU-taxonomy entails for firms and how to prepare for the new report requirements.
  • How capital managers can use the taxonomy to put together investment portfolios and identify investment opportunities


NB. This webinar will be in Danish

Practical information

Dato og tid: Wednesday d. 5. October at 16.00-17.30

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About our speakers

Thomas Steen Hansen has 25 years of experience from the capital market with focus on investment analysis, IPOS, valuations, advising of institutional investors, financial communications and ESG strategies. At KPMG he is in charge of our Investor Relations Services that helps firms develop their communication with the capital market and create more visibility among investors.


Martin Yde Schmidt, manager for the department of reporting and accounting advisory. The department oversees projects relating to both the financial and non-financial reporting (ESG) as well as investor relations services, capital markets advisory and transactions accounting. Next to being an advisor Martin has experience from managing a finance department in a listed Danish group. Within ESG-reporting Martin is the expert in Denmark and part of different national and international working groups and committees in relation to taxonomy, CSRD and other reporting frames. With a strong understanding for investor relations Martin has a unique approach on how to use the ESG-strategy and reporting to create strategic advantages and to bring firms and investors closer together through reporting.


Anders Schelde is Investment Director at AkademikerPension in Denmark, where he and his team oversee the management of the company's DKK 140 billion investment portfolio on behalf of the 150,000 members. The fund has established itself among leading activist investors, and climate investments and climate risks are an integral part of the investment strategy. Prior to joining AkademikerPension in 2017, Schelde worked at Nordea Wealth Management for 18 years in various positions, including 8 years as CIO at Nordea Liv og Pension, Denmark. He holds an MSc in Economics and an MBA.

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