ESG event series: How to address the rising ESG focus

KPMG has created an ESG learning forum based on five events that focus on the ESG agenda and how to address it.

KPMG has created an ESG Learning Forum based on five events addressing ESG


KPMG have created an ESG learning forum based around five events that address the rising ESG concerns and how to address them. Our events are focusing on the key areas of ESG legislation, ESG101, the role of technology, ESG from an investor perspective and how to achieve the net-zero reality. All webinars can be attended separately; however, we encourage participants to attend all four to achieve the optimal synergy from the last seminar.


After participating in all 4 webinars, you will have a deeper understanding of, how to address and work with ESG – especially within CSRD, investor relations, net-zero and the use of technological development. This will give you a greater outcome from the panel debate at our 5. event since our speakers will go into depth with these themes and discuss the biggest challenges, possibilities, and developments within ESG. KPMG’s learning forum offers a unique possibility to expand your network through networking at the last physical event on February 28th.

Practical information

  1. Webinar: 14. September 2022 16.00-17.30: -  How to cope with new regulations? – How can you adapt to the new CSRD  
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  2. Webinar: 5. October 2022 16.00-17.30: Does your ESG-strategy create value for the investors?  
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  3. Webinar 26. October 2022 16.00-17.30: You’ve decided ESG is important, but where do you start? Working with ESG 101 
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  4. Webinar: 16. November 2022 16.00-17.30: The role of Technology in ESG: Exploring the opportunities of IA, AI, RPA and Machine Learning
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  5. physical event: 28. February 2023 16.30-18.30 (+30 minutes networking): You’re on your Net-zero Journey – what comes next?
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If you participate in all 5 events, you have the chance to get a copy of Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup’s book: Bæredygtig ledelse: Den nye ABC for ledelser og bestyrelser (only available in Danish). Furthermore, after attending all 5 events you have the possibility to get a consultation at KPMG with one of our subject matter experts which includes lunch. The only requirement is that you must sign up for all 5 events either as an individual or from the same firm.


FYA: All 5 events will be in Danish.


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