Kevin Hammering Lopes

Senior Consultant

KPMG in Denmark

With an educational background as, complemented with a bachelor’s degree as a techno-anthropologist, Kevin works as a consultant and developer within Conversational AI in KPMG NewTech.

Since 2017, Kevin has worked with design and implementation of Conversational AI solutions. In the period from 2018-2019, he built a fully functional speech interface into a hearing aid for the world's 3rd largest manufacturer. Since then, he has built, advised on and taught in the development of chat and voice solutions for some of Denmark's largest companies, including Google, PFA, Alm. Brand and Egmont.

Kevin approaches the development of Conversational AI with a basic belief in and desire to use technology to create solutions that are both genuinely valuable and easy to use. His unique background in the human, business and technological fields has given him a holistic approach to development and consulting, where frequent user involvement is key.

In addition to building chat and voice solutions in Google Dialogflow ES & CX, and the Microsoft Power Suite for KPMG clients, Kevin is also working with avatars, natural language generation (including GPT-3), dialogue design and construction, API connectors, entity extraction, markup language, text-to-speech systems and adjacent technologies.