Morten Høgh-Petersen

Partner in Audit

KPMG in Denmark

Are you in the process of starting up your own business and need some advice? Then you should consider contacting Morten Høgh-Petersen. He is heading KPMG's Start-up Denmark team that works with scalable tech companies, and the team is active at most university hubs in Copenhagen.

Morten is an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), co-author of the book "The Entrepreneur's Legal Challenges" and using the book as a starting point, he also co-teaches a course (on how to set up and run a start-up company from an accounting perspective) at the University of Copenhagen.

Morten is part of the management of KPMG's Oresund Group. So if you are considering setting up a company in Sweden, or if you are a Swedish company looking to set up or expand your activities in Denmark, you should reach out to Morten. He has extensive experience in this area and speaks Swedish fluently as he lived in Sweden for seven years.

Morten gained a Master's degree in Accounting and Auditing, Economics, in 2002 and became a state-authorised public accountant in 2011.

Morten has worked with a wide range of clients, primarily with a focus on international audits, group audits and IFRS reporting. He has extensive industry experience across different sectors such as the retail and wholesale sector, service sector, IT, production, logistics and energy and raw materials.

Morten has extensive experience in complying with the American Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and the requirements of IFRS as well as vast experience as an auditor of international groups and subsidiaries.