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Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary methodology that combines professional expertise (from the three areas of audit, tax and consultancy) with the knowledge of our sector specialists. This means that we can offer customised consultancy services adapted to the unique business situation in each case.

Our range of services and our expertise in the transport and tourism sector offer you crucial support for the sustainable orientation of your business entity. KPMG has a comprehensive range of services. We currently advise a wide range of business entities in this industry in various subsectors:

Logistics (courier, express and mail)

KPMG is one of the leading transaction advisors in the transport and logistics industry. To this end, international contract logistics providers must be able to demonstrate ever higher requirements in tenders – especially with regard to environmental and social standards.

In the courier and express (CEP) sector, increased Internet trade (e-commerce) and the pandemic are ensuring rising growth rates. The complexity of international contract logistics creates a need for advice, and KPMG can successfully support you.

Aviation (airports, airlines and airline services)

Aviation also faces challenges: A pandemic that continues to cause significant problems for the entire aviation industry. In addition, legal decisions, such as night-flight bans, and regulatory and tax provisions create competitive disadvantages vis-à-vis new competitors from the Middle East. Markets are becoming more volatile and global passenger flows are shifting to the new growth regions. KPMG has many years of experience in advising airlines and air freight companies.

Passenger transportation (bus and rail)

With private transport companies, new participants enter the market. But the tendering process is complex and the acquisition of the necessary rolling stock is capital intensive. KPMG advises you on all issues relating to concession-bound passenger transport – from the public transport authority and the operating lessor to the operator. We can look back on many years of experience in financing matters related to public transport tenders.

KPMG has extensive expertise in transaction advisory services for the various modes of transport (M&A, financing, due diligence). We also have many years of experience in advising and auditing public and private transport companies on regulatory issues as well as tendering and financing issues.

Shipping and ports

The maritime economy is changing. This also applies to shipping companies. On the one hand, overcapacity, high operating costs and a lack of financing options are putting the industry under pressure worldwide. On the other hand, the issues of the day, such as climate neutrality, are also driving corporate success in shipping companies. The industry is rethinking, restructured and rebalanced: Innovation and digitalisation are part of the future.

Tourism (hotels and tour operators)

New market entrants and competitors, changing customer behaviour due to new digital offerings, the influence of political and economic crises as well as problems with financing are putting great pressure on growth and profit margins. At the same time, regulatory requirements and the increasing desire for sustainability are creating additional need for adaptation.

KPMG’s international network of industry experts provides critical advice to business entities across all industry sub-sectors – from hotel operators and tour operators to food-service chains and sports and leisure companies. Due to the international nature of the industry, our experts often collaborate across borders in interdisciplinary teams.