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Companies that invest huge sums in additional controls, barriers and audits in an effort to "do all the right things" too often throw their money down the drain. Truly successful companies focus on "doing the right things": they build an intelligent web of governance mechanisms that gives management the assurance it needs and start to make compliance an integral part of their value proposition.

But how can we find out whether compliance is actually being lived or whether it is just formal lip service? How can the effect and success of compliance be made measurable, quantifiable and thus comparable? What are the necessary and required measures and instruments? How must management concepts be designed so that compliance reaches the employee level? Where does your company stand in comparison to other companies? And how can progress in improving the compliance culture be measured?

We provide reliable answers to these and many other questions. Our services range from consulting on individual elements of a compliance management system (CMS), the operational functions involved in compliance, to the holistic optimisation of a CMS along its individual elements. This also includes the identification and assessment of white-collar crime risks, such as corruption, bribery and fraud, and the effective design and implementation of preventive measures as well as compliance remediation after systematic misconduct. In doing so, we keep the costs and time required for your company low without losing sight of your individual needs and requirements. We provide you with a tailor-made, custom-fit solution so that you are best prepared for the future and "do the right things right". In short: we create the freedom you need so that you can concentrate on the essentials - your core business.

Our service offer at a glance:

  • Assessment of the compliance culture in selected target groups (e.g. purchasing, production, sales) with the help of quantitative models. 
  • Determination of essential compliance goals as well as sub-areas of a CMS and the rules to be observed in the sub-areas
  • Identification of significant compliance risks as well as systematic risk recognition and assessment
  • Introduction and further development of principles, measures and instruments that have a risk-minimising effect
  • Further development of the compliance organisation against the background of digitalisation and disruption
  • Establishment of reporting channels for identified risks, detected violations and incoming notices
  • Introduction of processes to monitor and improve the adequacy and effectiveness (including reporting) of the CMS
  • Examination of critical individual transactions of different business units
  • Training and workshops to raise awareness and strengthen risk consciousness
  • Preparing for crises by designing and implementing crisis response plans and communication measures

We meet your specific questions and requirements with high quality, experience and practical orientation. KPMG is the market leader in the field of IDW PS 980 audits and is familiar with best practice approaches in various companies and industries. This know-how and many years of audit expertise form the basis of our advisory services. We ensure a continuous expansion of our professional expertise through active memberships in various working groups (for example IDW, DICO, FIRM). We offer an experienced, interdisciplinary team of lawyers, auditors, forensic experts and other experts from a wide range of disciplines and cooperate closely with KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.