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More than ever, companies need to align their financial processes and organization to meet the demands of the future, as finance takes on an increasingly important role in contributing value to the overall corporate strategy.

In the sense of lean finance, processes should be set up to be lean and efficient and deliver high-quality results at ever lower cost.

Digitization opens up numerous opportunities for the finance function to achieve this goal. Furthermore, in the future, finance will need to be able to intelligently connect information and data to support overall business decisions. This will lead to a change in role - away from looking at the past and towards being a reliable thought leader.

Existing processes and reporting structures are very often no longer sufficient to manage and operationalize the requirements of non-financial reporting (ESG) in a targeted manner and therefore require adjustments to organizational structure, governance and cross-functional processes.

We support you on your way to a modern, sustainable finance function with the following services:

Closing Excellence

Through in-depth analyses and the use of proven tools (e.g. Reporting Pilot, Closing Pilot, electronic accounting manual), we at KPMG can efficiently and purposefully prepare, plan and manage or restructure financial statements and corporate reports. Using accounting performance indicators, we can analyse your finance function and provide important insights regarding any need for adjustment/optimisation.

Finance Process Excellence

We support the optimisation of transactional processes in accounting (e.g. P2P, O2C, A2D) with regard to efficiency gains and cost reduction potential through harmonised and automated financial processes. We use process mining, robotic solutions and BPMN/DMN to increase efficiencies in workflows.

Finance Organisation & Governance

Our expert teams analyse your existing finance function, develop a future target situation and deliver the necessary measures for implementation. As the demands on the finance function change, there will be paramount need for a company-specific governance model including location and gap analysis.

ESG Target Operating Model

The ESG Target Operation Model provides a framework to better support the overall strategy and business model and defines the future direction of the organization. We help you design and implement such a model.

Digitalisation in accounting

We support the development of digitalisation strategies in accounting and help with implementation. This includes using intelligent automation solutions, especially in transactional accounting processes or to apply cognitive solutions (e.g. in connection with IFRS 16), with the aim of making accounting more efficient and future-proof.

Cash-oriented corporate management

Our cross-divisional experts create the necessary transparency for you regarding liquidity and working capital management. We lay the foundations for you to establish efficient and scalable processes whose results and costs you can consciously control.