Startups have a lot on their plate when building and scaling their businesses. Through offering an intuitive interface for capturing financial data that helps early-stage or Series B startups prepare for the next funding round, the KPMG Startup Finance App supports young companies in managing this fast paced environment of growth.

It provides comprehensive features combined with meaningful analytics and actionable insights in customizable reports - all without requiring previous experience. This fully integrated planning model allows different scenarios to be represented quickly and accurately, making business planning easier than ever before with just a single click!

We have a handle on the complexity behind this. 

Insights into the app

User-friendly, interactive and available at anytime

All benefits at a glance:

  • Certainty in business planning through clear guidance in the creation, analysis, and interpretation of relevant key figures
  • All relevant key figures, such as cash burn rate, equity development, working capital, cash conversion cycle at a glance
  • Illustration of complex interrelationships and profound insights into the company through overarching financial analyses, mapping options as well as scenario analyses
  • Continuous financial management thanks to integrated planning calculations
  • Target group-specific PPT reports at the touch of a button

Key Features:

  • Integrated business plan, consisting of an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement at monthly, quarterly, and annual level
  • Breakdown of key value drivers such as price/volume framework, customer analysis, sales margins, seasonal fluctuations, and growth rates
  • Detailed planning for net working capital, liquidity/cash burn, investments, equity and financing

Product versions at a glance

Self Service

You will get independent access to the online tool, which can be terminated at any time. After being introduced to the content, you will be able to enter the data on your own, analyze your data and create your individual report in just a few steps.

Managed Service

In addition to the tool access, our experts will help you with setup and data entry as well as support you in updating and strategically aligning the business plan.

Tailored Service

Besides tool access and our professional consulting support, you will also receive further services and analyses for your company, such as the set-up of multiple companies or an indicative business valuation.

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