Customer Needs

ERP systems are the backbone of every business entity. The advancing standardisation and centralisation in the IT environment as well as increasing digitalisation demand that, especially in medium-sized companies, the introduction of new ERP solutions meet current market requirements as well as legal and company-specific requirements. In addition to the participation of external and internal employees, the transformation of your business processes towards digital design is a key prerequisite for the successful implementation of a new ERP system. In terms of process execution, this means that through new technologies and software products, activities and complete workflows of your business entity can be more and more automated and thus also more easily outsourced.

Our Services

KPMG is your integrated partner for an in-depth, fast and solution-oriented analysis to identify a custom-fit software product, as well as a suitable implementation partner for the introduction of a new ERP system. Our very good overview of the IT market, in addition to our comprehensive knowledge of your business, serves as a basis for our role. We generally focus on the following objectives and supplement them with your ideas:

  • Sustainable and successful mapping of your new system requirements
  • Comprehensive support for software implementation, taking into account compliance requirements
  • Handling of organisational challenges in your business entity (change management)
  • Timely questioning of key decisions in the project
  • Use of project templates for the different implementation phases

Value added

KPMG supports you in the successful introduction of new software solutions, starting with the compilation of the departmental requirements as the basis for the functional specifications. Afterwards, the key suppliers are jointly identified, and their feedback on the functional specifications is evaluated. Get-to-know-you workshops are also organised.

Finally, we create a decision template with a ranking for you. Furthermore, the implementation of the software solution is supported from the definition of the blueprint to testing and go-live with the help of KPMG’s best practice support.