Customer Needs

The introduction of a new ERP system in your business entity, the digitalisation of your accounting and production, the development of a prototype for a new product or service, the creation of a business case based on predictive analytics – there are almost endless examples of projects with clear objectives that you want to achieve with the required quality in a set time with a set budget. This is where our Project Performance Assessment (PPA) comes in.

Our Services

Based on extensive experience in many industries and regarding a wide range of technical issues, KPMG analyses your project using standard project management methods and performs assessments of the current status. The timing is irrelevant – we can start the assessment before, during or after your project. The focus is on questions such as:

  • At the start of the project
    • Have the requirements been clearly recorded and correctly understood by the project management team?
    • Is my project organisation set up correctly?
    • Have I implemented the correct reporting?
  • During the project
    • What is the status of the project? Is it really “in progress”?
    • Can the project objectives (budget, time and quality) be achieved?
    • Are there hidden project risks?
  • After the project
    • How did any budget or time overruns occur?
    • Is the quality right, and have all the objectives of the project been met?
    • What are the lessons learned for future projects, and where am I in my peer group (benchmarking)?

Our assessment is conducted in an interview process at programme or project level with selected representatives of your business entity’s management, project management, project management office and project team. The results from the interviews are supplemented and validated by an analysis of the project documentation.

Value added

With the help of the 360° Project Performance Assessment, KPMG supports you in minimising risks that can arise when setting up costly and time-consuming projects. Not only is clear transparency created about the current status of the project (project health check), but also in-depth insights, lessons learned, recommendations and better practices are gained for your future projects.