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KPMG's “Intellectual Property Newsletter“ is a quarterly publication in cooperation with KPMG firms from around the globe. It provides useful insights into the world of patents, trademarks, designs, domains and other intellectual property rights. 

Topics of our latest issue (February 2023)

Virtual assets are becoming increasingly important. We analyse the opportunities arising from the new regulations for the financial services market in Hong Kong. 
We continue our series on trade secrets and provide insights into the protection of this important part of a company's intellectual property in general. On a national level, we discuss some important aspects of trade secret protection and other intellectual property rights that should be considered before entering the Vietnamese market.
Sporting events are not only for entertainment, but more importantly, they are an important industry. We examine how closely sports are intertwined with the various aspects of intellectual property. 
Another important topic in this newsletter is copyright: we analyse whether the amendment to the Czech Copyright Act really improves the situation of publishers vis-à-vis online platforms, report on a judgement of the Barcelona Regional Court on the ownership of the exploitation rights to a TV quiz embedded in a TV programme and take a closer look at the possibilities of copyright protection for choreographies.
You will also find more news from the world of intellectual property in this issue.

Our KPMG experts in Germany will be happy to assist you with the key issues surrounding this topic.

Dr. Anna-Kristine Wipper, Partner, Head of IP Law*

*In cooperation with KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, the contact person offers you support. The legal services are provided by KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.

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