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Current Issue:

The new edition of our newsletter on transactions in the global life sciences industry glances back at the significant deals that took place in Q1-Q3 2023 and provides further insights on the industry’s market trends.

  • Despite current challenges associated with inflation and regulatory scrutiny, the life sciences sector is expected to thrive as fundamentals remain strong. Investors’ appetite for takeovers is likely to increase as they look for attractive assets to bolster pipelines and counter fast-approaching patent expirations.
  • Besides, companies are expected to target biologics-centered acquisitions more than those pertaining to small molecules to minimize pressure from pending drug pricing legislations, such as the IRA.
  • As a result, companies are looking to prioritize investments in areas that are well-shielded from such negotiations (e.g., single-indication rare diseases) while they figure out the ramifications of the new legislations.

Preview of the KPMG Deal Capsule Life Sciences Newsletter