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Strengthen liquidity, optimise back office

We help you bridge liquidity bottlenecks caused by Covid-19

Coronavirus continues to hold the world in suspense. The spread of Covid-19 poses unprecedented challenges for companies large and small.

Start-ups have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus crisis. According to a survey, the majority of them (84 percent) expects negative effects on their own business. Additionally, about half of the young companies surveyed face liquidity shortages.

Advice for start-ups affected by Covid-19

The current situation holds many uncertainties, especially for start-ups. And like others, you will surely have numerous questions at this point of the coronavirus crisis. We are here to help you overcome the challenges and develop suitable solutions and strategies for your business. The two services we have developed support you in overcoming major Covid-19 challenges.

KPMG Financial Quick Check

The Covid-19 pandemic has created financial bottlenecks, particularly for companies with low liquidity reserves. Almost one in two start-ups currently finds itself in a difficult liquidity situation. This is especially true when planned financing rounds are postponed, turnover decreases and fixed costs remain the same. We support you in countering possible payment difficulties at an early stage.

We help you make your company's short-term Covid-19-related capital needs transparent and identify sources of liquidity.

Your benefits:

  • Reflect on your situation and the financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis through a forecast of the coming months, using market-tested professional and methodological knowledge
  • Early identification of potential payment difficultiesIndividual measures derived that can be implemented in the short term to strengthen your ability to pay
  • Joint evaluation of alternative financing options
  • Individual preparation for financing talks with banks and investors
  • Access to the experience of other start-ups in similar situations
  • Fully refundable advice and analysis as part of the KPMG Financial Quick Check

KPMG Backoffice Quick Check

In the survey mentioned above, 65 percent of the start-ups stated that they have had to adapt their organisational processes due to the coronavirus crisis. We support you in optimising your back office.

The heart of the KPMG Back Office Quick Check is a joint workshop. In this workshop, we work with you on the basis of the tried-and-tested KPMG methodology to answer essential questions regarding the professionalisation of your process and organisational structures in the supporting functions, while we also develop proposals for implementation.

The focus lies onstrategy, processes, IT systems and tools, organisational structures, staff capacities, services & control. We determine your development status for each dimension and discuss the results with you.

Benefit from our recommendations, which can be applied immediately, both during and after the crisis.

Your benefits:

  • Reflect on your perspective with KPMG experts and our market-tested professional and methodological knowledge of an effective, lean back office
  • State-of-the-art techniques and experience from other companies of comparable sizes and situations
  • Fully refundable advice and support as part of the KPMG Backoffice Quick Check