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Services for investors

We help you make the right purchase decision

We answer all questions related to venture investments  from the selection of suitable start-ups, due diligence processes, startup valuation to the final deal closing.

In doing so, we are able to draw on our many years of experience in transaction and M&A consulting to maximize value and its accretion.

As your partner, we support you to develop, evaluate and successfully implement the right purchase decisions.

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Benefit from our start-up-network.

We facilitate finding feasible matches between start-ups and investors.To do this, we are able to draw on our global network and offer access to comprehensive deal flows of relevant targets.

  • Direct access to potential start-up investments tailored to your individual profile
  • Professional sales projects under the guidance and examination of our Venture Deals experts
  • Relevant information provided (pitch deck, financial model) for effective decision-making
  • Identification of synergy effects
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Net asset value assessment

We help you with implementation.

A particular option for asset management companies is the net asset value assessment. This creates additional transparency and meets all documentation requirements. We support VC funds in evaluating shares based on net asset value.

  • Regular portfolio valuation - monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Use of recognised standards such as IPEV
  • Analysis of influencing factors to determine a realistic value taking into account
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We support you in the valuation and design of employee share ownership plans.

ESOP and VSOP employee share ownership schemes  are increasingly gaining popularity among startups. With our many years of experience, we support you in the transparent, appropriate and cost-effective evaluation and design of ESOP/VSOP programmes.

  • Preparation and implementation of appropriate employee share ownership schemes
  • Valuation of ESOP/VSOP programmes through recognized procedures
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Venture valuation

Business valuations in the context of venture capital transactions.

The respective start-up stage should be taken into account in the company valuation process. Our experienced valuation experts support you in answering all questions related to valuation and accounting issues.

  • Valuation based on recognized methods
  • Review of the business plan
  • Purchase price allocations, impairment tests and share valuations for the purposes of IFRS 9
  • Fairness opinion according to IDW S 8
  • Measurement of intangible assets according to IDW S 5
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Venture due diligence

We help you with analysis.

A sound due diligence analysis is essential for any successful transaction. We identify the opportunities and risks arising from financial, tax and legal matters and advice you throughout the process.

  • Buy-side and sell-side financial services, IT, tax and legal due diligence - targeted cooperation with our colleagues from our dedicated departments
  • A holistic overview created for your transaction
  • Linking of due diligence and valuation results to assess relevant contractual clauses such as liquidation preferences
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Certification of value for corporate law structuring

We assess your recoverability according to recognised valuation methods.

Especially in young companies, corporate structuring measures are frequently encountered, and may include changes of legal form or shareholder structure. This makes a value review necessary for public limited companies and limited liability companies.

  • Recoverability evaluation of a contribution in kind according to recognized valuation methods
  • Documentation based on a certification of value
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CFO compliance services for VC funds

Our experts prepare you.

Many regulations require regular documentation of start-up valuations or net asset values of the investment portfolio.

  • We help you to follow recognized valuation guidelines.
  • Support in the implementation of internal valuation guidelines
  • Reviews of net asset value valuations (e.g. IPEV value due diligence)
  • Review of financial models
  • Transparent presentation of information regarding comparable financing rounds and capital market data of peer companies (e.g. trading and transaction multiples)
  • Derivation of risk-adjusted capital costs
  • Development of future best practices

Sourcing as a service

We help you find your investment match.

Our Venture Matching Programme gives you access to selected scale-ups and start-ups from Europe and Israel.

Benefit from our pre-selection:

  • Hand-picked B2B SaaS scale-ups with proven business models
  • Funding size: Series A > €2 million
  • All revenue-generating with proven traction
  • Innovation driven through brand positioning