Digitalisation is the mantra of our time - and has received a further boost from the Corona crisis. At the same time, the threat situation has clearly intensified due to attacks from the internet: Attackers act faster and more penetrating than ever before. Ransomware independently encrypts entire infrastructures, aggressors threaten to publish captured data. Ransomware is also becoming more frequent and is targeted specifically at individual companies. Strikes against supply chains and the resulting business interruptions sometimes have catastrophic consequences for companies and their reputation - and sometimes threaten their very existence.

To overcome these challenges, the topic of cyber security has moved significantly up the agenda for companies, as our CEO Outlook also shows. We stand firmly by your side in this. Our experts support you in maintaining an overview and making the right strategic decisions. We are also there for you when it comes to implementing security-relevant measures with regard to cyber security, data protection, forensics and cyber incident response.


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