Cloud services - how you benefit. For sure.

We show banks and insurers how they can use the cloud to their advantage. And at the same time keep a firm eye on regulations and laws.

We show banks and insurers how they can use the cloud to their advantage.

The financial industry is changing rapidly. Probably no market participant can escape the comprehensive technological innovations and the digital transformation. Topics such as data & analytics, artificial intelligence or robotic process automation are the new trendsetters in the financial sector.

This development results in a variety of new, mostly additional requirements for IT. Not only should it become more cost-efficient, but also faster, more flexible and geared to the needs of day-to-day business. In concrete terms, this means that new, innovative solutions must be found quickly and integrated into the company's own IT landscape - always with the goal of generating the best possible offer for the end customer in mind.

This is where cloud services come into play - because only they offer the necessary flexibility. Cloud solutions are particularly suitable, for example, in areas and applications where there are high fluctuations in IT resources (e.g. risk model calculation, data analyses at the push of a button). But also in new and pilot business areas that are subject to enormous growth and whose growth forecasts are not yet precisely known.

Financial service providers will therefore not be able to avoid using cloud services in the future - nor will they want to. Especially since many application solutions from service providers are increasingly being developed in the cloud and are also only offered from there. Against this background, an own cloud strategy should be an important item on every CIO's agenda.

However, especially in a regulated environment such as the financial services industry, there are a large number of regulatory requirements and laws to be complied with that apply to outsourcing management and especially also to cloud solutions (including MaRisk/MaGO, BAIT/VAIT, EBA Guidelines on Outsourcing Arrangements, DSGVO).

We are happy to help you introduce cloud services in your company - starting with the cloud strategy, through cloud governance structures to accompanying the transformation. In doing so, proper compliance and regulation is important to us at every stage - because we want your path to the cloud to be secure and worthwhile.

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