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Bringing the Bundeswehr up to date - this goal is currently a particular focus of debate in Germany, and not just in view of the geopolitical situation.

But which modernisation strategies are the right ones? Which technological and organisational levers should be used? And how can the necessary transformation projects be implemented efficiently? You can find the answers in our Talkbook Defence, which focuses on "Strengthening defence - the power of innovation."

In the publication, our experts explain the complex tasks that need to be mastered. They also show perspectives on how KPMG's expertise can help to accelerate the transformation of the armed forces. In doing so, they are able to draw on the experience gained from collaborations that have already been successfully implemented. As a consultant to the Bundeswehr, KPMG combines in-depth industry knowledge with innovative approaches and can provide support along the entire value chain.


In the Defence Talkbook, our authors first address the specific challenges in a total of five Bundeswehr sectors. The detailed explanations are flanked by project references from the field. The five chapters and the key aspects are:

1. Modern operations command: new demands on armed forces and society

  • From international conflict management to national and alliance defence
  • Speed and agility through data-centric warfare
  • Defence industrial base, supply chain management and procurement
  • Organisational development and process optimisation
  • Transformation of the armed forces and development of social resilience

2. The Bundeswehr and sustainability: fields of action in a changing world

  • The relevance of sustainability for the Bundeswehr
  • Armed forces as part of society
  • Interaction of crises and climate change
  • Socially responsible and sustainable supply chains
  • Financing with regard to ESG criteria
  • Making sustainability potential measurable and achieving goals
  • Leading by example

3. Organisational development: between man and machine

  • Characteristics of military organisations
  • Organisational development in the armed forces
  • The human element in the battle management system
  • Leadership with a mission as an indispensable tool
  • Leadership cascade and responsiveness
  • Combat operations become an economic balancing act
  • From leadership to logistics
  • Organisational development in (military) administration

4. Digitalisation: the path to a networked defence organisation

  • Future viability through networking and innovation
  • BMVg digitalisation platform as the backbone of the Bundeswehr's future viability
  • Cloud consulting and IT strategy
  • Conception and procurement
  • Implementation and project management
  • Consolidation and migration
  • Innovation and
  • Collaboration and ecosystems

5. Technology trends: thinking outside the box

  • Thinking outside the box: What do we mean by that?
  • Virtual reality
  • AI
  • Automation
  • IT portfolio management
  • Quantum computing

Following the thematic focus areas, our experts will explain the opportunities offered by KPMG's transformation support. The holistic consulting approach is made possible, among other things, by global networking, well-established consulting teams, renowned digital partners and Bundeswehr knowledge gained from many years of trusting cooperation.