With the publication of the current issue of our study on digitalisation in accounting, the first Accounting News of 2024 has an exciting top topic.

The end of 2023 also provided plenty of reading material with numerous publications:

EFRAG published two draft guidance documents - one on implementing the requirements of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and the other on a list of ESRS data points. In addition, the delegated act on the ESRS was published in the Official Journal of the EU, the amendment to Directive 2013/34/EU to adjust the size criteria and a draft EU FAQ on the EU Taxonomy Regulation. The publication of the amendment to the SASB standards completes the publications.

Also of interest is the publication of two accounting drafts: for a new version of IDW RS HFA 41 on the effects of a change of legal form on the annual financial statements under commercial law and for a new version of IDW RS HFA 5 on the accounting of foundations. In addition, the law to ensure global minimum taxation was promulgated following approval by the Bundesrat.

Finally, shortly before Christmas, draft legislation was published to raise the thresholds for determining the size classes of companies and groups by around 25 per cent in each case.

Here you will find an overview of all topics of the past Accounting News (Download PDF, 0.5 MB).