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The renowned magazine Wirtschaftswoche has now announced the winners of this year's Best of Consulting awards. To determine the results, a scientific advisory board and a jury analysed and evaluated client projects from management consultancies. 

Our experts and their teams from the fields of consulting and finance were honoured for their achievements in four categories. In order to convince the advisory board and jury, various aspects of the respective project had to be outstanding. The criteria were as follows:

  • Content: creativity, analytical contribution, methodological contribution, market and industry knowledge
  • Communication: reputation, networking, moderation, teamwork, project management
  • Realistic impact: effect on operating result, feasibility, own contribution to implementation, scope
  • Customer satisfaction

"The comprehensive consultant check identifies Germany's best management consultancy projects and thus creates clarity in a non-transparent market," writes Wirtschaftswoche about the awards as a whole. According to the magazine, the award winners are "the best in their field".

Best of Consulting 2023: Four awards for KPMG at a glance

Category: Manufacturing & Operations

Project focus: Artificial intelligence

Project name: AI-controlled automated shot-peen moulding of rocket components

Project manager: Stephan Sündermann, Dr. Martin Riplinger 

1st place

Category: Technologies

Project focus: Digitalisation

Project name: Push of a security concept (information security management / concept in preparation for a major IT consolidation)

Project manager: Ronald Koß

Rating "Excellent"

Special category: Digital transformation

Project focus: Digitalisation

Project name: Digitalisation in the port - introduction of a new digital backbone based on SAP S/4HANA

Project manager: Midja Herma

Rating "Excellent

Category: Finance

Project focus: Sustainability

Project name: Preliminary study and implementation of CSRD reporting

Project manager: Christoph Krallmann

3rd place

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